External Wall Insulation

Effective wall insulation is becoming increasingly important as energy prices increase and we begin to shift our energy production away from relying on fossil fuels. It’s estimated as much as 45% of your heat losses occur through your walls.

Long term, insulating your building on the outside is typically most effective method of minimising heat losses, since the full surface area can be totally insulated. This stops thermal bridging in its tracks.

The primary benefits include...

Long-term cost savings

With such a significant loss of heat through walls, it’s unsuprising that the correct insulation can provide significant savings to your heating bill. This is especially true with rising energy prices.

Superior weather proofing

Insulation on the outside of your walls usually reduces the chance of water ingress, damp, or condensation on the inside of your property – especially when paired with our pioneering silicone render finishes.

Add value to your home

It goes without saying that any improvement or modernisation will increase the value of your property. Investing in a quality system can improve your EPC rating, making your home more desirable.

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Complete the look with a durable, protective finish.

It’s best to pair your newly installed external wall insulation with a quality render, such as our silicone rendering system. Not only can this be applied thinner than conventional cement renders, it’s typically much more resistant to cracking and provides a more weatherproof seal against the typical British weather.

We provide peace of mind on each project from start to finish.

We understand how much trust you place on us when instructing our team to work on your property. You expect the job done correctly, first time around.
As approved K Rend and Weber specialists, our team attends several accredited courses to gain certification, and our work is inspected and verified independently to maintain this good standing.

...and our many happy customers agree!

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Want further energy savings?

Then you might want to check out available floor screeding systems. You’ll get a wondefully smooth floor surface, which works perfectly with underfloor heating systems to give your property wonderfully even heating.
It’s ideal for sub-floor levelling in most commercial and domestic buildings, as it provides a further opportunity to insulate the envelope of your building – boosting energy savings over years to come.
Our sister brand, Yorkshire Screeding, specialises in all forms of floor screeding and concrete pumping projects.